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AEG Washing Machine Error Codes

AEG washing machines, made by the Electrolux group, are known for providing great value for money with a wide range of functionality and features like a large door and a quiet spin. They also have a very efficient early warning system when things go wrong or if the machine develops faults. These warnings come in the form of alarms, flashing light sequences and the display of error codes, depending on the age and model of the washing machine you have.

AEG error codes, also known as fault codes, are extremely useful in diagnosing any problems you may have with your machine, but they don’t necessarily pinpoint exactly what part is malfunctioning or what repairs need to be made. The finer details need to be determined by a qualified, professional washing machine technician, like those at Bath Domestic Appliances.

It’s extremely unwise to try to fix your AEG washing machine yourself if you’re not an expert because you could well make the problem worse. However, it’s useful to know what all the different AEG washing machine error and fault codes mean, so that you can pass on the information to our repair technician when you call us out.

Some of these codes listed here may appear to be duplicated, but they apply to different AEG washing machine models.


Warns of an imbalance while the machine is spinning.


Means the machine cannot take in water, has not taken in sufficient water, or has a drain problem.


Water has collected at the bottom or inside of the machine.


This indicates that the machine’s door is not properly closed, that the drum is overloaded with laundry or the door lock is faulty.

(or any code starting with E6)

The machine has a heating problem of some sort.

(or 8 LED light flashes)

This is to let you know that the machine has started with the cycle selector incorrectly set. It could be set between two different wash cycles.


These codes all suggest that there is a configuration or communication problem with the machine’s electronic components.


Tells you there is an issue with the Drum Position Sensor.


There is insufficient voltage from the power supply.


This may indicate there is too much detergent in use, causing over-foaming. Alternatively, it could be warning that a dirty dispenser drawer is overflowing, laundry is caught in the door seal, or there is a clogged drain filter.


Indicates a problem with the power supply.


Indicates that the frequency of the power supply is not within the set parameters (incorrect mains frequency).


Supply voltage too high.


Supply voltage too low.


These codes point to pumping problems. The drain pump is no doubt blocked so the machine will not drain, the drum won’t turn and the machine will make a noise.

Don’t forget, if you experience any problems with your AEG washing machine, Bath Domestic Appliances are here to help. We cover the city of Bath and the surrounding area of North East Somerset, as well as a large part of West Wiltshire, including Westbury, Warminster, Trowbridge, Melksham, and Corsham. Contact us to fix all makes and models of household appliances.

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