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Beko Washing Machine Repairs BATH, TroWBRIDGE, BRADFORD on Avon, WaRMINster, Westbury & FROME.

There are literally millions of Beko washing machines working away in homes across the UK. This Turkish brand is popular because Beko washers are affordable, basic family appliances that come in a variety of drum capacities to suit different needs, handling from 7kg up to 12kg of dirty laundry.

Beko washing machines are generally reliable, but like any hard-working appliance parts eventually wear out and faults might occur. There’s nothing more frustrating than being left high and dry with a broken Beko washing machine in a busy household as the laundry basket fills up.

Bath Domestic Appliances are the local Bath repairers of Beko washing machines. Our highly trained, qualified washing machine repair technicians operate in the city itself and across the surrounding areas of east Somerset and west Wiltshire.

We fix Beko washing machines in major towns like Westbury, Warminster, Frome, Trowbridge, Chippenham, Melksham, and Bradford on Avon, as well as all the villages and rural areas in between.

If you need repairs to any Creda branded appliance get in touch with Bath Domestic Appliances Repairs on 01225 461 711 (Bath depot) or 01373 827 929 (Westbury depot), email us, or use the contact form on our website, and we’ll have your Creda up and running again in no time.

Common Problems with Beko Washing Machines

Bath Domestic Appliances have been trusted for more than 25 years to keep Beko washing machines happy and healthy, and can confidently attest to the fact that repairing a Beko washer is far cheaper than buying a new one.

If your Beko washing machine is too old and tired to repair economically, we’ll tell you so and will be able to arrange the purchase, delivery and installation of a new Beko washing machine – or any make of machine you desire – at an extremely reasonable price.

Our technicians can repair any model of Beko washer, and over the years we have experienced – and fixed – just about any and all the problems that Beko owners encounter with their washing machines.

The most common faults with Beko washing machine are:

  • Beko door fails to release and won’t open;
  • The water won’t drain out;
  • The Beko machine is not spinning;
  • The Beko drum is not turning;
  • The Beko machine is leaking;
  • The Beko machine is stuck on a cycle and won’t advance to the next;
  • Clothes are not properly rinsed.

Most of these faults are relatively easy to fix, or simply require a replacement part. For fast, friendly, affordable and reliable repairs to your Beko washing machine just give us a call on 01225 461711 (for Bath Beko repairs), or 01373 827929 (for Westbury Beko repairs).

Beko Washing Machine Error Codes

If your Beko washing machine has a digital display you will probably notice that an error code becomes visible when the machine is faulty. While these codes do not indicate precisely what is wrong with your washing machine, they do help to indicate where the problem might lie.

It helps if you can tell us when you call for assistance with your Beko washing machine which error code is being displayed, so we can be fully prepared to diagnose and fix the fault. For instance, if there is an E1 error there could be an issue with the wiring or thermistor.

Older Beko washing machines may not display error codes, but we can still use tests and devices to detect problems and remedy them, and have your washing spinning again in no time.
For a Beko breakdown in anywhere around Bath or Westbury don’t hesitate to contact us as soon as possible so we can dispatch our repair technicians to make immediate repairs.

We offer Beko washing machine repairs in Bath BA1 & BA2 postcodes,  Trowbridge BA13, Bradford on Avon Ba15n Warminster BA12, Westbury BA13, Frome BA11 and the surrounding areas. 

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