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Candy Tumble Dryer Error Codes

For reference sake it’s useful to have a list of Error codes to hand for all your household appliances, including your Candy Tumble Dryer. When appliances go wrong it’s handy to be able to tell the appliance repairer what codes were showing on your machine’s LED display when it started malfunctioning.

Error codes won’t tell you the specific problem with your Candy Tumble Dryer, but they will help point our professional repair technicians in the right direction, so we know the best place to start when diagnosing and fixing your Tumble Dryer.

Candy, a brand name used by the Hoover company, are popular, efficient tumble dryers that come in condenser and vented versions. Like any electrical appliance Candy dryers can develop faults, either because of misuse or wear and tear, that will result in an error code flashing.

To interpret the error code count the number of flashes in-between pauses – five flashes for example will indicate Error Code E5.

Candy Tumble Dryer Error E3


Water tank full

Candy Tumble Dryer Error E4


Program selector faulty

Candy Tumble Dryer Error E5


Front NTC sensor faulty

Candy Tumble Dryer Error E6


MCU (Main Control Unit) faulty

Candy Tumble Dryer Error E7


Insufficient or restricted airflow

Candy Tumble Dryer Error E8


Thermal fuse faulty

Candy Tumble Dryer Error E9


Thermal cut-out faulty

Candy Tumble Dryer Error E10


Tumble dryer empty

Candy Tumble Dryer Error E14


Rear NTC faulty

Candy Tumble Dryer Error E15


Heater relay faulty (condenser models)

Candy Tumble Dryer Error E15


Heater relay faulty (condenser models)

Open front thermal overload cut-out (vented models)

Candy Tumble Dryer Error E21


Memory parity failure

Candy Tumble Dryer Error E22


Control board issue

When you experience a Candy Tumble Dryer breakdown and see any of these error codes you need to call a professional engineer.

Bath Domestic Appliances offer professional repairs for Candy Tumble Dryers and all other types, makes and models of appliances in the local area. We fix Cookers, Ovens and Hobs and do Fridge Freezer Repairs, Washing Machine Repairs and Dishwasher Repairs in Somerset and Wiltshire. We cover towns like Bradford on Avon, Corsham, Frome, Melksham, Warminster and Peasedown St John.

Call us on 01225 461711 and we’ll have your Candy Tumble Dryer up and running in no time.

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