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Candy Washing Machine Error Codes

If you notice any error codes flashing on your Candy washing machine, it’s time to call in the professionals at Bath Domestic Appliances to fix your machine before the problem escalates.

Error codes are there to warn you when something is malfunctioning on your washing machine. They don’t necessarily pinpoint exactly where the problem is, but they certainly do help with diagnosing and fixing a fault or any broken or worn parts that need replacing.

Candy washing machines are extremely popular, made in Italy by the same company that makes Hoover washing machines.

Here is a list of Candy washing machine and washer/dryer error codes. Take note if your machine shows one of these codes and pass it on to our technicians so we’ll have an idea of what is wrong with your washing machine when we come to repair it in or around the city of Bath, across north Somerset or west Wiltshire.


Indicates a door lock issue. It could be the lock itself malfunctioning, or a problem with the wiring and connection to the PCB.


You’ll see this code when the machine stops taking in water. The cause could be a blocked or obstructed fill hose, an insufficient water supply or faulty valves.


This means the machine is not draining, and probably means the pump is blocked or broken.


The drum has overfilled. This is probably due to a defective fill valve.


This error code indicates a problem with the water temperature sensor, which means the water in the drum fails to heat up.


If you see this code when the machine stops spinning it indicates that the machine is unbalanced, or that there is a fault with the control board.


When this code is displayed the machine will be failing to spin either because of a faulty door lock or a jammed motor.


This code indicates the motor speed sensor is malfunctioning. The motor could be spinning too fast, or not at all.


This code indicates a problem with the motor triac on the circuit board, which controls the speed of the washing machine’s motor.


When you see this code it means your machine has a drum sensor issue. On an old machine it could mean a problem with the selector.


There are two possibilities if you see this code: it could mean the dryer heater has an open circuit, or there could be an issue with the sensor or module.


This signifies that there is a possible PCB (Printed Circuit Board) communication error, or an open circuit on the dryer heater.


Any of these codes suggest there is an issue with the PCB (Printed Circuit Board).


An indication that the PCB programming has failed, or the memory chip has become corrupted.


When you see this code prepare yourself for a heater problem that will probably need the replacement of the heater, because your fuse box will continually trip out.


There’s a problem with the motor tachometer signal, which could stop the motor from turning.

If you have any problems with your Candy washing machine or any other household appliance, and you live in our area of operation – including Trowbridge, Bradford on Avon, Frome, and Westbury – get in touch with Bath Domestic Appliances on 01225 461711 (Bath) or 01373 827929 (Westbury) and we’ll be happy to help. We’ll diagnose the problem, advise on a solution and give you a quotation for repairs.

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