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Electrolux Washing Machine Error Codes

Owners of Electrolux washing machines swear by their outstanding cleaning and stain removal capability. These front-loading washers are renowned for being extremely well-balanced with the least vibration of most other makes.

You are no doubt enjoying the benefits of your Electrolux washer, but whatever its good points like any other appliance it will eventually develop a fault and break down.

Electrolux washing machines are made by a Swedish company which also owns Frigidaire and AEG.

Electrolux washers display a series of error codes when they are experiencing a problem or fault, which can help you discern what sort of issue has arisen. You can alert your local repair technician from Bath Domestic Appliances about which error code is being shown to help him/her diagnose and make repairs to your washing machine.

You can avoid many faults with your Electrolux washing machine by practising good maintenance according to the tips in your handbook. The first thing you should do when something goes wrong is to “troubleshoot” for oversights like whether you have overloaded the drum, not closed the door properly, entered the correct programme, or even plugged the machine into the power socket.

Here are the Electrolux washing machine and washer/dryer error codes to take note of, along with the possible causes for the code appearing:


This common error code means there is a water inlet fault. It can often be solved by making sure the taps are turned on and the hoses aren’t kinked or blocked. If this doesn’t work, the water inlet valve will need to be replaced.


Indicates your appliance isn’t filling with water during the washing phase of the cycle. Check the tap is turned on and there are no blockages in the hose. Alternatively, the water inlet valve may need replacing.


This error code means your washer isn’t filling with water during the rinse phase. Make sure the tap is turned on and check the hoses. The water inlet valve may need replacing.


This error code shows when the water level in the machine drops when it should not, indicating a possible leak. The pressure sensor may need replacing.


This code means your appliance has a drain fault. Check that your drain hoses and filter aren’t blocked. If those components are clear, the drain pump may need to be replaced.


This is another drain fault code. See above.


This error code shows when your washing machine isn’t draining after the rinse cycle. Check that your drain hoses and filter aren’t blocked. If those components are fine, the drain pump may need to be replaced.


This error code is to alert you the machine has detected an issue between the drain pump triac sensing and the triac status. The pump and wiring should be checked, and possibly the main PCB replaced.


This error code indicates a fault in the sensing circuit of the drain pump triac. The best way to solve this problem is to replace the main PCB.


The wrong input signal is being sent to the microprocessor in your washer, requiring the replacement of the PCB.


This code means the pressure switch is faulty and needs replacing.


Indicates a calibration problem with the pressure switch, which could be caused by several things, including damaged wiring, blocked hoses, a leaky inlet valve or faulty drain pump.


This code shows when the pressure sensor detects a too-high water level. It will probably necessitate replacing the pressure sensor and the main PCB.

E40, E41, E42, E43, E44, E45

These codes are all associated with the door lock and could be caused by the wiring or the lock itself being faulty.


This error code indicates a faulty motor, which will need to be replaced by a technician.


This error code indicates a heating fault, probably caused by the temperature sensor and/or heating element being defective.


Shows that the water is not heating during the wash cycle due to a problem with the heating element and the temperature sensor.


This code shows when the water overheats, and means the temperature sensor could be faulty and need replacing.


When you see this code it means the main PCB is receiving a signal from the flow meter that water is entering the washing machine incorrectly. The water inlet valves may need replacing or the main PCB itself.


Tells you the drain pump, drain filter or drain tube is blocked, kinked or clogged.


Alerts you to excessive detergent dosing (excessive foam during draining). Check the drain tube and drain filter, and use less detergent.


This code shows when the flow meter does not detect any water entering the machine even though the water inlet valves are open. Check the tap is turned on, and that there are no blockages in the hoses. If all is okay the water inlet valves may need replacing.


This means an unbalanced load, and the final spin phase will be skipped. Rearrange the laundry inside.

If you live in or around the city of Bath in North East Somerset – including Bradford on Avon, Corsham, Frome, Melksham, Peasedown St John, Somerset, Trowbridge, Warminster, or Westbury – and need Electrolux washing machine repairs, get in touch with Bath Domestic Appliances.

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