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Fridge/Freezer Repairs Bath & Surrounding Areas

The introduction of fridges and freezers into homes about a century ago revolutionised domestic food storage. Today our freezers allow us to buy frozen food in bulk – convenient and money saving – while fridges keep perishable food fresh for longer and free of bacteria.

It’s a bit of a disaster, then, when your fridge and/or freezer stops working, particularly if this happens long before you’d expect it to.

Bath Domestic Appliances has a team of qualified and experienced refrigeration specialists who can diagnose the problem and repair it.  We repair refrigeration all around the area, including Bradford on Avon, Trowbridge, Westbury, Warminster, Melksham and Frome.

If your fridge or freezer cannot be repaired cost-effectively, or if it appears to have reached the end of its working life, we’ll be honest and tell you so. 

fully equipped to repair all popular brands

Our refrigeration engineers are fully equipped with all the specialised tools and spare parts required to repair the full range of popular brands of fridges, such as Beko, Bosch, Samsung and Zanussi, plus many more.

If your fridge stops working it’s wise to call us in straight away – when food begins to defrost, and even if the temperature falls of slightly, there is the risk of food degrading and becoming contaminated, even if it looks and smells okay. Never re-freeze food that has defrosted, particularly chicken, fish and meat.

There are many things that can cause your fridge/freezer to malfunction. Usually these involve a faulty thermostat, compromised door seals, insulation failure, a blockage in the gas system, compressor failure, or a blockage in the self-defrosting channel that causes a leak from the fridge or spillage inside the cabinet.

Be alert for signs – beyond the obvious of not cooling sufficiently – that your fridge is failing, such as hearing it run longer than usual, and making unusual noises. A frost build up on the walls of the freezer, water pooling under the appliance, condensation inside and outside the unit, and increased energy usage on your electric bill.

If you’re worried that your food is spoiling and your fridge or freezer has become faulty and unsafe, don’t delay. Contact our refrigeration repair team straight away on 01225 461 711, email or use the online contact form on this website.

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