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Creda Washing Machine Repair Bath, Trowbridge, Bradford on avon, Warminster, Westbuy & Frome.

In 2015 the large corporation, Whirlpool, took over the Indesit appliance company, which owns the Creda brand name. Since then the Creda brand as such has become rare, and where it does appear it is as a re-badged version of Indesit and Hotpoint (also owned by Indesit) home appliances. At its peak as a manufacturer, though, Creda was the name on around half of English electrical goods. Today you will find it mainly on a range of Creda electric fires and heaters which are manufactured by Redring.

Many homes still use and value their older Creda appliances, including Creda fridges, Creda freezers, Creda washing machines, Creda ovens and Creda dishwashers.  These faithful home helpers have proved to be durable and reliable through the years.

Compatible spare parts are still available for older Creda appliance models, and Indesit parts fit more recent Creda appliance models, so if you have a Creda appliance that needs professional repairs or servicing, Bath Domestic Appliances are willing and able to help.

If you need repairs to any Creda branded appliance get in touch with Bath Domestic Appliances Repairs on 01225 461 711 (Bath depot) or 01373 827 929 (Westbury depot), email us, or use the contact form on our website, and we’ll have your Creda up and running again in no time.

Qualified and expert repair

Our repair engineers are always pleased to be called out to repair a Creda appliance because this once famous name has a proud history. There are still Creda washing machines, dryers and small kitchen appliances in operation in our service area, which stretches across west Wiltshire as well as in and around the city of Bath, so we are familiar with the brand and experienced at fixing broken Creda white goods.

As household appliances age they become prone to electrical and wiring faults, and components wear out. Fortunately Bath Domestic Appliances have a highly qualified team of appliance repair specialists who can fix aging and ailing Creda appliances and keep them in service for as long as possible.

So, if you own a Creda washing machine with a drum that won’t spin, or a Creda cooker that won’t heat up, don’t send it to the tip! We can expertly diagnose and repair any faults for a fraction of what it would cost to replace your Creda appliance with a new one.

If your Creda appliance is beyond repair there’s no need to despair. Here at Bath Domestic Appliances we keep a stock of top quality new, graded and re-conditioned appliances from which you can choose a replacement, and we’ll deliver and install it for you without charge.

Bath Domestic Appliances has been in business for more than 25 years during which time we have built up a respected reputation for being reliable, prompt and extremely efficient. When you book an appointment with us for repairs to your Creda appliance we don’t keep you waiting. We know your time is valuable, and that having a hard-working home appliance out of commission is frustrating and inconvenient.

We offer Creda washing machine repairs in Bath BA1 & BA2 postcodes,  Trowbridge BA13, Bradford on Avon Ba15n Warminster BA12, Westbury BA13, Frome BA11 and the surrounding areas. 

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