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Whirlpool Washing Machine Error Codes

With their much vaunted “Zen Technology” Whirlpool washing machines boast of the quietest spin cycle on the market. This innovative make of washing machine from the United States is popular here in the UK too with a large range of built-in, freestanding top and front loading machines available.

Just like any other mechanical device a Whirlpool washing machine won’t last forever without needing repairs or parts replacement at some stage. That’s why Whirlpool washing machines have built-in fault codes which are digitally displayed when a problem is detected.

While these fault or error codes don’t indicate exactly what is wrong with your washing machine, or what particular part needs replacing or repairing, they are invaluable for troubleshooting and diagnosing malfunctions.

If your washing machine shows you any of these warning codes, call Bath Domestic Appliances and we’ll send one of our top-trained technicians to identify the problem and give you a quotation for repairs.

Note: The Error codes shown here refer to Whirlpool Front Loading Washing Machines.


This code will display when the machine has come to a standstill and will not operate, or allow you to select some or all of its functions. It usually indicates a fault with the electronic circuit board.


You’ll see this code when the motor circuit is malfunctioning, and the drum will not rotate during the wash cycle.


When your Whirlpool washing machine fails to heat and shows this error code you can expect there is a problem with the temperature sensor.


This fault code heralds a potential pump failure at worst, or hopefully it could be just a blockage in the waste water hose or pump filter. A technician will be able to isolate the cause of the fault code display, which is triggered when the machine fails to drain out the water and the door will not open.


This shows that there is a drive motor tachometer error, causing the machine to shut down. It might be just a loose connection, or the control board might need replacing.


This error code will show along with your Whirlpool washing machine stopping mid-cycle. At the same time the machine will fail to heat and the pump will run continuously. The problem is probably a fault with the electronic circuit board or a broken connection in the heating circuit.


Similar to the problem above, this code indicates a heater fault, which will cause the wash programme to stop mid-cycle.


This code is an indication of a software fault. Symptoms are that you won’t be able to select a programme and get the washing machine running.


When your Whirlpool washing machine fails to pump the water out of the drum, you’ll see this code displayed, indicating a pump circuit fault.


This fault code indicates an electronic fault which is preventing your machine from turning on at all, but you’ll need an expert to diagnose where exactly the fault lies.


This error code applies to Whirlpool washer-dryers, and indicates a dryer temperature sensing fault.


This fault code will show on either Whirlpool washing machines or washer-dryers when the water fails to heat up during a wash cycle, or a there is no heat during the drying cycle. It indicates a malfunction of the heater control unit.

Repair technicians from Bath Domestic Appliances provide cost-effective washing machine repairs across the city of Bath and the surrounding area of northeast Somerset. We also operate in West Wiltshire, covering Westbury, Warminster, Bradford-on-Avon, Trowbridge, Corsham and nearby villages.

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