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AEG Dishwasher Error Codes

AEG Dishwasher owners can attest to the superior quality of their machines, producing sparkling clean crockery, cutlery, cookware, and glassware. AEG front-loading dishwashers are a well-loved and well-used appliance in many homes across the county.

Dishwashers are a time and labour saver that has helped households for decades. AEG dishwashers are an excellent addition to any home and work wonders until they don’t. When your dishwasher breaks down or starts to malfunction, you may not know what to do first.

If you look at your AEG dishwasher, you will see it is trying to help you through the use of error codes. These codes relate to an issue within the machine itself. Now you can alert your local repair technician from Bath Domestic Appliances about which error code is being shown, to help them diagnose and make appropriate repairs to your AEG dishwasher.


The water valve is not open or the water is restricted in some way. Another cause could be the water pressure is low.


Malfunction of the heating element.


Too much inlet water or a leak.


Too much inlet water or issue with the draining system.

Cycle Indicator Light Flashing

The previous cycle needs to be cancelled before starting a new cycle.

Beeping / LED Flashing 3 times

A water leak is found and water pooling.

C1, F1, i10, i11, AL5

Indicating an issue with the water inlet.

C2, F2, I20, AL6

Indicating a water drainage problem.


An issue with draining or leaking non-stop.


Rotation complications resulting from slow flow.

I40, I43, I44

The dishwasher filter is not clean.

i50, i51, i52, i53, i54, i55, i56, i57, i58, i59, i5A, i5B, i5C, i5D, i5E, i5F, i60, i80, iC0, iCo, iC1, iC2, iC3

Dishwasher needs to be reset.

iF0, iFo, iF1

Dishwasher needs to be reset and the water supply needs to be inspected

You can avoid many faults with your AEG dishwasher by carrying out regular checks and maintenance according to your handbook. If you live in or around the city of Bath in North East Somerset – including Bradford on Avon, Corsham, Frome, Melksham, Peasedown St John, Somerset, Trowbridge, Warminster, or Westbury – and need AEG dishwasher repairs, get in touch with Bath Domestic Appliances.

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