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Beko Washing Machine Error Codes

Many homes in the UK own a perfectly well-working Beko washing machine. However, from time to time your Beko washing machine may incur faults. When customers contact us to ask about a faulty Beko washing machine, the more information they can provide us with, the better. The first step in diagnosing the washing machine fault is the error code.

An error code on the display screen will indicate specific issues in some regions of the washing machine. Although these error codes aren’t definite, they do go a far way to fully diagnosing the problem and finding a solution.

At Bath Domestic Appliances, our trained engineers can recognise the different error codes and their meanings. You’ll find the error code on the digital display panel. Read on to find out which each error code E1-E18 could signal.


This error code indicates an issue with the washing machine’s NTC thermistor wiring. This is the circuit that regulates the machine’s temperature.


This particular error code signifies an issue with the machine’s heater. Like the E1 error code, this could be due to wiring.


Like the previous two, this error code indicates a fault with the heating in the Beko washing machine. However, an E3 error code means there is a constant stream of heat.


An E4 error code can signify a couple of different circumstances. However, they generally all point to the washing machine not filling up with water. It could be a small issue such as a door jam or a more complex issue that needs to be seen by a professional.


An E5 error code would mean that somewhere in the machine, there is a blockage causing the machine not to drain. Before you call the professionals, make sure you’ve removed all visible blockages first, if you can.


You may notice your machine shake and jump around during a cycle before you spot the E6 error code. This particular error code means that there is something wrong with your machine’s motor.


The E7 error code shows that there is a fault with the level sensor in the machine. This can be seen in the machine if it empties when you try to start it or maybe it might not run at all.


This error code relates to issues of the Beko washing machine not filling up with water. However, this could be for numerous reasons and requires further professional investigation.


An E9 error code occurs when there is a fault with the door locking mechanism.


Like an E9, an E10 error code relates to an issue with the machine door being jammed. Make sure to look for any obvious blockages.


An E11 error code signifies a fault with the machine’s motor and must be checked by a qualified professional.


An E17 error code indicates that too much foam is detected in the machine. Usually, this will be evident and can be fixed with a rinse cycle to thoroughly wash through.


This particular error code signifies an unbalanced washing load as well as the machine not spinning. The first thing that should be tried is to unload and reloading the cycle and restarting.

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